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Go full circle

Recycle or Re-frame your sunglasses

At Yuma Labs we have made a pledge to work against the stream and demonstrate that there are ways to build a better, more circular economy.

The most sustainable sunglasses are those that you use as long as possible.

If you however decide to part ways with your sunglasses, return them to us and we will recycle or re-frame them for you in return for a generous discount code on our store.

Start recycling with us!

Fill in your details below and you will receive an email with shipping instructions for recycling. A discount code will be automatically generated when you complete the steps indicated in the email.

Too good to recycle?

Are your sunglasses still in good shape? Then we are happy to resell them for you so they can start a new life elsewhere! You will receive a generous discount on your next purchase. Check out how it works.

Re-sell my sunglasses