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Made from waste,
made for recycling
100% UV Protection
& fully recyclable
Premium quality,
no concessions
Traceable origins,
full transparency

Tomorrow's sunglasses from yesterday's waste. Designed for endless summers.

Yuma Labs produces world’s most sustainable eyewear; both under own label and in close collaboration with fashion brands worldwide.


Since you scrolled here

replaced by current time

plastic bottles have gone to landfill


Recycling is the first step. But it’s not enough.


Circular fashion is about recycling
again and again and again.


EVERY day A PILE of plastic
bottles half the size of
the Eiffel Tower is
sold around
the world.

Circular design

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1. Sustainable materials
We produce eyewear from recycled soda bottles, fishing nets or bio-based materials. Thanks to rigorous production controls, we can rely on the purest materials.

2. Premium components
We value quality and comfort above all. We source the finest components to assemble our products. Sustainable sunglasses are only sustainable if they last a lifetime.

3. Design for recycling
Our sunglasses are fully recyclable and “designed for disassembly”. This means we came up with ways to easily recycle every pair upon its return.


Our products are meant to last. Yet still, we design for disassembly so we can easily separate and recycle the different parts (frame, hinges, lenses) when the time has come.

You can send back old Yuma Labs sunglasses for recycling, worldwide and free of charge. Our sunglasses case has an integrated return shipping label, ready when you need it. You'll receive a discount on your next pair of sunglasses.


Waste is over
If you want it

Inspired by what you read? Great! We are in business not to sell sunglasses, but to create and share brand stories that stir up the conversation about sustainability.

Buying one pair of recycled sunglasses won’t save the world, but it will change views on how we need to start looking at waste.

Join us in making a difference.