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We are a design and production agency for circular eyewear

We are a team of passionate individuals dedicated to creating sustainable, stylish and innovative eyewear. Our mission is to create circular eyewear that is not only good for the environment, but also enhances the wearer's personal style. We believe that fashion and sustainability can coexist, and our eyewear is a reflection of that belief.

We are totally circular and essentially different. We consider ourselves a laboratory that creates iconic products that spark the conversation about a circular economy. Yuma Labs was founded with a rebellious spirit to experiment and rethink the way we make and use our everyday products. We love to challenge ourselves, our processes, partners and customers to produce high-quality eyewear from recycled materials. In other words: We create sustainable sunglasses that offer a completely different view —quite literally— on the role of waste in our society and environment.

We are a partner for our clients

We work with a variety of clients, from independent fashion designers to major retail brands, to bring their sustainable eyewear visions to life. Our in-house design team is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with recycled materials, and our production team is skilled at bringing those designs to life.

We are your partner in designing and producing sustainable sunglasses. Because we value trust and expertise, we share the knowledge that we gained from learnings of previous customers and innovations, to further develop in the design, production, quality control and the fashion industry.

At Yuma labs we are constantly evolving and creating new ways to eliminate waste from the landfill.

We are closing loops

Yuma Labs’ production process honors the natural cycle and mimics it as closely as possible. All our raw material is traceable through batch control and rigorous production follow-up. We aim to recycle our materials into an endless upcycling loop, creating good looking sunglasses, again and again and again. All the while this continuous cycle gives us the opportunity to keep innovating our designs and adapt to —or even set— the latest trends.

Why we do what we do?

We aim for co-creation with our clients to generate the most sustainable sunglasses that are not only made from as much recycled and bio-based content as possible but are also made to recycle again afterwards. We do this to inspire and accelerate circular economy thinking in our clients’ industries and the world at large.

At Yuma Labs, we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment and promoting sustainable fashion. We hope that our eyewear will inspire others to make more sustainable choices in their own lives.

Ready to be a frontrunner in style and sustainability?

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In our mission to accelerate and inspire a circular economy thinking, we are committed to taking responsibility across four major pillars:
Planet, Product, People and Progress.

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