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At Yuma Labs, we have strong ethical and environmental values. We only partner with suppliers who have gone through our supplier assessment and have proven to comply with our high environmental and social standards. We have a broad network of suppliers in Italy, Germany, China, and Vietnam. For each collection, we choose our supplier wisely depending on the wishes of the client, the materials, and the different production techniques.

Our current partners

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Injection and CNC factory: Italy

Our Italian factory is an independently owned eyewear factory in the northern part of Italy. The factory takes care of the land and the planet because all the energy that they use in their offices and production facilities comes 100% from renewable energy produced in a wind farm in Sicily. Next to that, they have all the certifications they need to produce sunglasses from bio-based and recycled materials.

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3D print factory: Germany

Our 3D-printed frames are made in a factory in Germany. This factory is an innovation-driven 3D printing company, which is always one step ahead of the market and knows how to react flexibly to product requirements and the wishes of its customers. They have a lot of knowledge in 3D printing with many years of experience and serve us the best high-end quality.

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Injection and CNC factory: Vietnam

Our factory in Vietnam has a team of more than 50 engineers from around the world who focus on creating new products, making prototypes, and creating tools efficiently. They make high-quality frames using the best materials and innovative technologies. Their facilities can color and plate the frames in-house, following the highest standards for social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and manufacturing.

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Injection and CNC factory: China

Our factory in China is one of the most outstanding and experienced eyewear factory, located in the South-Eastern part of China. They are always thinking about innovation and love to work with sustainable materials. The factory takes care of the land and the planet, and they are constantly working on reducing the CO2 impact with green production processes like solar energy power and wastewater treatment stations. Next to that, they have all the certifications they need to produce sunglasses from recycled materials.

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Packaging factory: China

Our packaging supplier in China plays a pivotal role in embodying our commitment to sustainability. They specialize in crafting our pouches and cleaning cloths from recycled PET, contributing to the reduction of environmental impact. Moreover, our sunglasses cases are meticulously fashioned from FSC-certified paper, reflecting our dedication to responsible and eco-friendly practices. Through this partnership, we strive to offer not only stylish and high-quality eyewear but also packaging solutions that align with our environmental values.

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Quality control by Qima

To ensure that our products are of the highest standard, we conduct rigorous quality control checks, by an external company called QIMA, at every stage of the production process. Renowned for their expertise and rigorous standards, Qima ensures that every aspect of our eyewear production meets the highest benchmarks. From material inspection to manufacturing processes, their comprehensive quality control measures guarantee that our products adhere to the stringent standards we set for ourselves.

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Social workplace: Belgium

In Belgium, our commitment to social responsibility extends to our unique social workplace, NEKTARI vzw. This dedicated team plays an integral role in our operations, assisting with the meticulous packaging of sunglasses into our eco-friendly cases. Beyond their contributions to the packaging process, they actively participate in our take-back and recycling initiatives at the end of a sunglass's life cycle. By involving this social workplace in our mission, we not only prioritize the well-being of our community but also embrace sustainability at every stage of our eyewear journey.

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