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First Belgian sunglasses made out of recycled fishing nets.

The Belgian children's clothing brand, Filou & Friends, is launching children's sunglasses in collaboration with us. With this collaboration, Filou & Friends and Yuma Labs not only want to offer sustainable alternatives, but also inspire other companies to think and act circular.

Sunglasses are often made out of small parts of plastic and metal. Once they are no longer used and end up on the landfill, they are difficult to recycle and reprocess. Yuma Labs thinks that this needs to change. We design sunglasses out of recycled materials, ready to be recycled again at the end of their life. Together with Filou & Friends, we are launching a unique and sustainable children's sunglasses collection.

The frame of the sunglasses are made out of 100% recycled fishing nets. Old and abandoned fishing nets (ghost nets) are collected and cleaned to then be fully recyclable via molecular recycling. And to complete the circle, the sunglasses are designed to be recycled after their use without ever losing their quality. At Yuma Labs we try to not waste any materials.

Sebastiaan de Neubourg, founder of Yuma Labs: "With Yuma Labs we want to offer a very different perspective on the role of waste in our society and our environment. We live in a take-make-and-waste consumer society. However, waste on our planet essentially did not exist. Since the very beginning of life, nature has continuously recycled all materials and over and over again. So the model for a circular economy is actually already there. We only need to adapt it and make it our own. Thanks to the cooperation with Filou & Friends, we are one step closer to convincing more people of this sustainable idea."

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