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Snow sunglasses for the Fall/Winter collection of Florentina Leitner

Florentina Leitner is an Austrian fashion/knitwear designer who studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in the Fashion Department. Her collections are elegant with a very playful twist. Strong silhouettes and shapes combined with prints and unconventional fabric mixes make her collections to what they are.

The main focus at Florentina Leitner is excellent design and innovative sustainability, creating something new out of something old. They reuse, rethink and try to reduce. Collaborating with companies to find new ways to make products more sustainable is their goal. This means a perfect fit for a collaboration with Yuma Labs.

The first input of inspiration Florentina got was from the aesthetic of Jeff Koons. She got inspired by the puffiness from pillows and clouds. Florentina liked the pillow and mirror effect, so she wanted to combine them in sunglasses.

Yuma Labs came with a technical solution to overcome the limitations of the production technology and together we created these bubbly snow sunglasses for her Fall/Winter collection of 2022.

Design & materials

The sunglasses frame is 3D printed and made from PA12. Nylon PA12 is a synthetic whitish fine powder derived mainly from petroleum sources. It is a virgin material, but fully recyclable at the end.

The metallic pink and silver lenses are made from polycarbonate with an anti-scratch coating. This is virgin material but it is recyclable. Not for making lenses again but it can be used for other products. The lenses are 100% UVA/UVB protection.

The sunglasses come inside a black and white pouch made out of recycled PET bottles and a translucent plastic zipper bag that are leftovers from packaging at Yuma Labs. Inside the pouch you can also find a cleaning cloth made from recycled PET plastic.

Once the sunglasses have served their purpose, customers can send them back to Yuma Labs. The frames can be disassembled and fully recycled. Thanks to the molecular recycling process, we can make the same material again without losing its quality. 


The sunglasses were 3D printed in an innovation-driven 3D printing company in Germany. Always one step ahead of the market, they have a lot of knowledge and experience in 3D printing, and serve the best high end quality.

The lenses were cut and assembled an Italian factory that is always thinking about sustainability and transparency. Their clients benefit from a traceable and perfectly controlled production chain, and the adherence of all their suppliers to their Code of Ethics.

The collection

Florentina Leitner - Snow Sunglasses

Available on our client's webshop

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